According to legend, Aladdin's lamp will grant its owner great power...in the form of three wishes. We can do better. We are Aladdin Label, a division of Repacorp, Inc, creating a universe of solutions for custom labeling, cost effective promotions, and flexible film.  As our impact on the promotions industry grows, so does our reputation for granting wishes both large and small.


At Aladdin Label, Inc., we share your passion for innovation, perfection...and, most importantly, for results.  As design engineers specializing in creative problem solving, we work closely with you to understand your needs, to think in uncharted directions, experimenting with new materials to fit both your marketing and time demands. Aladdin Label, Inc. is renowned for uncompromising standards and technical know-how.  From four-color process printing that rivals offset, to prismatic, to couponing and 1 to 12 color roll-to-roll/sheeted labels. Aladdin Label, Inc. is recognized worldwide, earning the coveted TLMI Awards for "Best Managed" company, "Converter of the Year", and "Best International Promotion." We are leaders as well as pioneers in the exacting art of applying ink to an ever expanding number of unique materials. We are proud to create outstanding promotional solutions for companies whose demand for perfection, turnaround and results is equal to our own, in industries including retail, food, medical, and more.