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Aladdin designs and manufactures labels that meet your packaging specs, satisifies your customers, sells your products, and decreases costs.

Aladdin Label is now certified by the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) for Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing.

Aladdin Label has worked for two and a half years to be AIB Certified, so that you are confident that your food product packaging complies
with government regulations and industry expectations for safe food.Through AIB Certification and continued audits, Aladdin Label will
identify, reduce, eliminate, and prevent food hazards in our facility.

Scoring well on an AIB GMP Inspection shows that a supplier is committed to doing all they can to provide clean, safe products
and is a source of pride that provides a competitive advantage. Sharing audit inspection scores with our customers is one way to
demonstrate our dedication to providing safe, superior products. Aladdin Label passed the AIB audit, scoring 910 out of 1,000.