Stickers & Packaging

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Aladdin provides American Greetings and Standard Publishing stickers using a variety of different substrates from exotic prismatics to stock white paper.  Scratch ‘n sniff, Hexachome printing, and glow-in-the-dark further compliment traditional translucent and opaque inks.  Embossing and various overlaminates have also been used.  Three fully automated packaging lines collate, shrink-wrap, hole punch, staple (if required), and apply a thermal bar code label rerouting the packages to the specific distribution facility. 

Aladdin’s print and packaging investments have lead to efficiencies both American Greetings and Standard Publishing can take to the bank.  Lower cost, higher quality, faster turnaround, and “single-source” accountability are all traits Aladdin’s sheet & roll sticker customers have learned to expect and lead to real down-stream dollar savings.

For over 30 years, Aladdin has provided cutting-edge print excellence culminating in  “Converter of the Year” honors (see Awards).  With Aladdin’s recent digital prepress investments, (see News), there is no label company in America that can provide superior print quality and in-house single-source packaging needed for the children’s sticker market.You really should consider Aladdin for the complete package!

Aladdin uses three flexo presses for its sticker line.  Two Aquaflexes; (one, an 18" - 8 color, the other, a 13" - 10 color) as well as a 11" - 12 color Nilpeter are the predominate workhorses.  Repeats up to 24", three laminating stations, and three die cutting stations compliment the turnbar capabilities of each. They provide all of the print and structure capabilities a sticker line could ever require.